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If you could have any Dark-type in real life which one would you have and why?

Wow what a nice topic. I always dreamed to have a real Pokémon in my sides. What a kid you will say :c
Anyway! I'm hesitating between Umbreon and Absol, they're both so cute, calm and very influenced by their envrionements. Absol would be a speedy Pokémon, indeed, strong too, in the same way to be calm. Umbreon is calm too, carying about his trainer as Absol.
They're both have a cool design as a dark type with their Pokédex entries.
In my opinion they're both wild in their souls, because of their powers, like Umbreon like to hunt in the night, like a feline. And Absol living all alone because of its mysterious powers to predict disasters.

I would go for Umbreon, as a Eevee and Eeveelution true fan.