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Hey-o! So in the past month and a half, I've gotten no work done on Kunzite, unfortunately. This was due to finals, work, and sports. But now that it's summer, and I've gotten some free time, I'm planning on getting back to work!

However, I will be going to a basketball camp on Friday of this week, and I'll be gone for 4-5 more days. Before then, I'll be working on Kunzite though. And afterwards, I plan on allowing people to help me out (because I'm definitely going to need it).

I'll also be adding updates to my Youtube every now and then this summer. You can check it out here:

So, here's the original OP. Enjoy yourselves!


I'm Heyo, and I'm working on a hack of Pokemon Fire Red called Pokemon Kunzite Version. I'm currently working on it by myself, but once I get some free time, I'd be willing to have more people help me.

The features I'm planning on having in the game will be a new storyline, a new hero and heroine, a new region, new villains, a new storyline, new Pokemon, new moves, and new minigames.

I also currently have the main parts of the storyline written, but to keep from spoiling it, I can give a short beginning of what I'd like to accomplish.

Because your best friend and neighbor in town has family in NEWSPRING CITY, the city where the famous TRAINER SCHOOL is located, the two of you decide to leave your hometown in hopes of enrolling in the academy. To do so, you travel to WINTERTON CITY, and take the train located there. After you arrive at your first stop, when you return from asking the cashier if there were any snacks, you bump into a man. This causes you to unknowingly lose your TRAIN PASS. The security guard will then not allow you to board the train, and when you rebel, security escorts you. Thus, you are trapped in SOUTHSHORE TOWN. Is this just an accident, or is it fate?

There will be a team called TEAM EVO (the name comes from the fact that they are so interested in evolution), and a couple of recurring villains. The first saga of the game will revolve around stopping TEAM EVO, while the second saga will revolve around becoming the Pokemon champion. There will also be two more sagas, but I don't want to spoil anything.

Kent's name is derived from "kunzite." As the hero of the game, he must do whatever he can to protect himself and his loved ones while also working on becoming the Pokemon Master. He tries to dress like his Pokemon Trainer idols while keeping warm in his frosty hometown. He has a lucky coin strung around his neck that his dad gave him.

Kat's name is derived from "kunzite." As the heroine of the game, she must do whatever she can to protect herself and her loved ones while also working on becoming the Pokemon Master. She is very pale like the people who live within the area of her hometown. She loves adventure, and always wears the goggles that her dad gave her.

Chris' name and appearance is actually derived from myself. As your rival and best friend in the game, he gives you a TRAIN PASS to go live with him and his family in NEWSPRING CITY. He looks a lot like the male hero, with facial differences. He secretly isn't a huge fan of battling.

Team Evo acts as one of the main antagonists of the game. Their research mostly deals with evolution, and they wish to continue Team Rocket's efforts of evolving Pokemon through radio waves. Although, instead of selling these Pokemon for profit, the leader wishes to create extremely powerful Pokemon.

Maximillion's name is derived from "millionaire." He is a mysterious young man who obtained his wealth from the death of his rich parents in his youth. He also likes to show off his wealth with the way he dresses. Who knows what he'll do with his money?

There will be more characters as I continue making sprites and short bios.

Early Development (Not Final):
Frostgate Town

Southshore Town

Rumblerock City

Redwood City

Winterton Manor

Team Evo Encounter

The music under "Early Development" will not be using the same instruments in-game; these pieces just give me a good idea of what it should sound like.

Currently, I have minimal scripting done, and I have mapped 9 cities and 14 routes. I have also inserted a couple of tiles, but I'm going to wait on adding more.


Expect more to come! I'm hoping on having an exciting and long plot to differentiate this hack from other Pokemon games while still keeping it pretty traditional. Feel free to let me know what you think!
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