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A mix between more of the Pokémon from Hoenn and Sinnoh. However, as Sabrewulf mentioned, I hope they're a bit more obscure rather than what we'd normally expect or want to see show up. And if they're going to be underused Pokémon, then I pray they come with new evolutions so they're not left to be ignored again.

From what we've seen so far ─ Hariyama, Psyduck, Kirlia, Dratini, Litwick and a few others ─ I think they're selecting a pretty good variety of old Pokémon to show up.

Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
I know this is out of question now, since there's a new Eeveelution, and we saw what we saw in the trailer, but... my answer would be "none of them".

A major part of what I loved about B1/W1 was the fact that all Pokémon we encountered before the National Dex were brand new. During the main campaign, I really felt like I was playing Pokémon for the first time again. I really hoped they would do the same for Gen 6.
Funny enough, that's one of the bigger things I disliked the most about Black and White and was glad when they changed it in B2W2.
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