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Derozio and I would really love to get this thing off the ground, so I'm going to take the initiative and throw out my ideas. Anyone who objects to these ideas may do so in this thread and include their own input on what topic they would like to cover and why. All suggestions will be considered! Provided we still have interest in an art battle in general; if a topic is not selected after a given period of time (pending) Derozio and I will be selecting a topic for this competition, so please tell us what you would like to draw!

Following the school of thought from my last post, I think every medium should be included in this competition (graphic design, traditional art, digital art, photography, 3D art, mixed mediums, etc). However, for all of these mediums to be judged fairly, we need to have a corresponding theme. So, I think the following topics would be a good thing to cover :

1.) Apathy
2.) Friendship
3.) Confusion / Befuddlement

Please let us know if you like any of these topics or if you have one of your own! The person who can best capture the chosen emotion will be our winner and receive showers of love and praise! Let me be clear, you can use ANY subject matter to display the chosen emotion. You can draw your pokemon. You can take pictures of your friends. You can use stocks. This competition is not so much about what you draw/create something but how it captures the aforementioned emotions. The point is to make you think critically about your work. It would be much easier to say, "everyone draw a sad Breloom", and judge it based on the one that looks most like a sad Breloom. The amount of mediums we are trying to include in this competition prevents a topic as easily constructed as that (although, we are open to suggestions like that provided that's what everyone wants to do).

I will be informing everyone at a later date when the deadline for this discussion ends and what the topic will be if one is not chosen. From there, we will be requesting participants for the battle and establishing the rules, so get your opinions in now! If you have any questions please contact either Derozio or myself. We really want this thing to take off so we can all have some fun and do what we love to do! <33;
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