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The night was quieter then Mark had hoped for... but then again, Mark kind of liked it. Without so much people walking around the academy felt alot more peaceful. It kind of distracted Mark as she ended up bumping into a girl as he was walking around a building.

"Ack... my bad!" Mark said.

She was pretty short... though sounded about the same age as Mark. She had short crimson hair, green eyes, and a pair of half framed glasses. Mark hadn't seen her around and she had just confirmed she was new.

Mark looked down at her and blinked. Bumping into a girl in the halls... how cliche. Nonetheless, Mark extended his hand out to the girl and helped her off the ground.

"Heh, 3rd times the charm Gwen. Don't sweat it" Mark said happily, noting that she had apologized four times in a row now. "I'm Mark Wilson. The little guy on my Shoulder is Snype." Mark said. Snype gave a large smile and waved at the girl.

"So, new here huh? If you don't mind me asking, what dorm are you in?" He asked. Alot of his friends were either form Suicune or Entei ironicly. It'd make him happy if she happened to be in the Raikou Dorm... at least he'd have a neighbor he knew that way!

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