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Gwen Deallus - LOCATION

The boy introduced himself as Mark, and helped Gwen to her feet. He introduced his Sableye, whom Gwen hadn't immediately noticed and the Pokémon waved and grinned at Gwen.

"Heh, cute little guy that one. This here is Amber." Gwen gestured at the Poochyena at her feet as she spoke.

Amber walked forwards cautiously and stared up at the Pokémon on Mark's shoulder. Something about this Pokémon... Amber could tell instantly that they shared something in common. Just like her, he was a dark type.
"Dorm? Oh I'm in raikou dorm, they gave me a yellow armband or something but I left it in my room.. Heh. How about you? If you'd know the way back to Raikou dorm then that'd be pretty handy actually."

Gwen scratched the back of her head in embarrassment, getting lost, and walking straight into Mark must make her seem like a complete air-head. She pushed the thought out of her mind and began speaking again.

"Not that I'm headed back there, I actually just came from the dorms I woke up and was kinda bored so I thought I'd just have a stroll around."

Amber sat down so as to better look up at the strange Pokémon grinning widely on Marks shoulder. She stared up at him with her head tilted slightly to the side in curiosity. Apart from her own pack so long ago, Amber had never met another dark type, and those that she had were all Poochyena, or like the pack alphas Mightyena.
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