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Mark just recently noticed to Poochyna by Gwen's feet. He was at least familiar with that Pokemon. He usually wasn't familiar with Pokemon outside of Kanto and Johto but Poochyna was a pretty popular Pokemon... he thought so anyways. For all he knew he might have just seen it in a book somewhere. Snype looked down at Amber and slid off of Mark's shoulder to go down and greet him. Snype extended a hand to the Poochyna. He had a feeling he was probably cautious, as alot of Pokemon are around strangers. He figured maybe Poochyna were the type of Pokemon to get a scent of a Pokemon first before deciding to befriend them... it was just a guess though.

"Really? Your in the Raikou Dorm too? Same here! Its kind of strange but I actually don't know much people from my Dorm. Alot of them are from the Entei and Suicune dorms funny enough! Haha. Guess its kind of relieving to know somebody else that shares the same dorm as me." Mark said.

"Actually, I'm actually kind of doing the same thing myself. I just got done visiting a friend of mind and decided to take a stroll around the campus. Ha. Guess we both have the same thing in mind huh?" Mark added.

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