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    Hey guys, I posted up a thread earlier about smogon moveset, and i thank you guys for the help. But i got another problem that i hope you guys can help me with, its about training.

    SO i want to get the strongest ATT stats a tyranitar can get. But I'm getting really confused with this IV stuff and a little bit of the EV.

    So i read that if you breed 2 pokemon EXAMPLE with a high IV in speed and a high IV in att, the off spring can inherit them. So my question is if i train 2 tyranitars 1 boy 1 girl TO LVL 100, both adament, "likes to thrash about" , both with high IV's in ATT and i breed them and hopefully getting the same nature and characteristic as the parents, will THIS tyranitar have a greater chance of getting a very high IV in att?

    And once i hatch this pokemon, can i put all my EVs in its att? or is that impossible?