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Auden Radke and Tamor Bellfiend
The ever vigilant Roland Grey stepped forward from the Knights' group, much to Auden's dismay. Apparently he had taken it upon himself to be the group's leader, even though they weren't that type of group. As long as this idiot doesn't do anything stupid he can handle the talking. Roland began to exchange pleasantries with the man who was surrounded by the “elites”. Instead of paying much attention to the conversation between the two, Auden began to survey the surroundings, taking in the number of villages that were around and a general idea of the land's topography, well, at least the area that he could see. Tamor was still clinging to his robe, clearly nervous from the size of the group that had gathered and the arguably intimidating bodyguards of their “friend” from what he had heard. Tamor wasn't sure what was happening, but everything was going on so fast. Uneasiness settled in after the way that Yoshuro referred to them as "such foreigners." Auden's mind began to wander and soon he was thinking of the joy of slowly gutting the Shingou's elite guards in front of the villagers, before realising that their group had began walking, with Tamor guiding him, possibly picking up on his drift into fantasy. Tamor heard the sound of wings flipping before her much missed companion landed on the worn material that made up her robes. Her face formed a feature that it hadn't in quite a while, a smile. She instantly let go of Auden and began to focus her attention solely on Niolas, who cawed loudly if Auden got within touching distance of Tamor.

The walk was very serene, with the exception of Tamor's hawk, which had beginning cawing regularly at Auden on the way to the man's, Yoshuro, estate. Farming fields expanded to the edge of a large mountain range which encircled the small port town of Duānkǒu. Thick woods grew up, which covered everything in dark green, from the base of the mountains that had low clouds hiding the top of the mountains. Auden thought it was a fairly impressive sight to behold, as if the clouds were swallowing the mountains which were in turn swallowing the town,with the only thing that could make it better being if the clouds actually did swallow the entire town, killing everyone there slowly and painfully. The time that it took to reach the estate pleased Tamor greatly, she wasn't ready to walk a long journey just quite yet. It also pleased her that she was able to soak in the nature that Tella had created as well as that peace that came with it. She wished that her and Niolas could take flight and leave behind the retched world that she had become so entwined with.

Though beautiful, the walk was fairly short, with the group stopping outside the largest building that Auden had seen in Duānkǒu. The over extravagant building stuck out like a sore thumb in the town. Must be our rich friend's estate. He thought, following the group as Yoshuro lead them through said estate. The manor was filled with rare art, and tapestries, even fine linen decorated the rooms ceilings and windows. A manor that was worth burning down and destroying were the first few thoughts that Auden had, suppressing the urge to start burning it down out of boredom. Their tour of the manor was cut rather short, much too Auden's delight as Roland and Yoshuro began conversing once again. Auden, still lost on how Roland had been nominated the Knights grand leader, had began casing the library like room that the guards had been ushered out. It was clear their was little trust on delicate matters between Yoshuro and the Shingou elites, which lead Auden to doubt how much they could trust Yoshuro's word on the location of the shard. Tamor listened as Roland, their new "leader", and Yoshuro spoke about The Dragon Stone or this orb that were apparently significant to their group. She laughed as Percival spoke, he had mentioned that somehow he knew that none of them were from Shinguo, which was funny because she hadn't known his name or Roland's name until they had spoken them just now. In fact, they hadn't even had proper introductions, but she kept to herself because who was she to correct him, the brother of their leader? Yoshuro launched into a story, full of interruptions from both Roland and Percival, which irked Tamor to a certain extent.

Why are these two idiots the ones who are being spoken too? They do understand this isn't the kind of group that would have a leader don't they? Though a bit frustrated at the fact that Yoshuro was only really addressing Roland and Percival he allowed Yoshuro to complete his story, something that the two brothers seemed hell bend on interrupting. "..If you truly wish to claim the Dragon Stone or the shard of the Orb of Ardor if you prefer, you will have to find the temple, cleanse it and defeat the Necromancer. Do that and you will have not only the shard, but a legacy in the land of Shingou. Of that, I can promise." Yoshuro finished looking over the group. Tamor waited until the conversation finished before she returned her attention to Niolas, it was as if Roland and Percival were the only two that existed. Were they truly going to be a part of a legacy, Tamor clutched her clothing and wondered what she had to offer to defeat this Necromancer.

"Sounds simple enough. Tamor and I can handle this ourselves if you two want to continue to appreciate the artwork and books here. Let's go Tamor." Auden replied as Yoshuro's gaze fell on him. There was clear confidence in Auden's voice, though he did have to dip into his years of experience to hide the excitement of killing, and hopefully torturing. Slowly he looked at the brothers before turning for the door, ready for the job that he'd just accepted. If the hood hadn't obscured her facial features Tamor's shock would've been well known. Instead of questioning Auden she simply went along with his grand exit and hoped that Roland and Percival would soon be right behind them.
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