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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
My concern with this is that, when you have a virus with negative effects, it starts to worsen, and that goes ditto for your Pokemon's health. That said, would death also be incorporated into the games? If your Pokemon goes without treatment too long, would they face death? That's my primary worry and the primary reason for me feeling uncomfortable with this.
I don't think GF would allow a "Death" status in an E-rated game. I suppose they'll just get the Faint status if they're experiencing a virus for too long without treatment. Let's just say that the bad viruses are like the Poison status (back in Generation I - IV), where the HP of the Pokémon will steadily drop until it reaches the end and faints.

And I know that viruses are really dangerous to the health, but just remember that X and Y is just a pair of video games; let's not put reality too much in them.

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