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Answer a Topic: Well, based on the Norse legends, there is a tree where all the nine worlds are tied together. On the base of the tree, there live 4 stags, each with a pair of gems at the base Xerneas will probably represent these stags, because it has eight antlers and there are four pairs of gemstones. In the top of the tree lives an eagle, who is blind. Yvetal will probably represent this eagle because it's eyes are a light blue, as most animals eyes are if they are blind. The stags are limited to walking on the ground, or X-Axis if you please. The Eagle flies through the air, or the Y-Axis.

Now, this might not sound like much, but here is where the evidence starts to make a lot more sense. In the legends, there is a serpent living under the tree's roots. What other animal would make the shape of a Z? Xerneas and Yveltal made the shapes of X and Y respectively, so the mascot of the third game that they will probably make would be in the shape of a Z. A serpent would be able to easily make the shape of a Z. The serpent would be able to move both up and down, as it lives underground and can move wherever it wants to.
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