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    I always train my Pokémon to a higher level than the ones owned by though trainers, especially the Gyms, Elite 4 and the Champion, and I know others do as well. Like in R/S/E, before I battle my rival, I train my starter higher than Level 5, maybe like Level 10 or higher, so I battling is easier and the chance of my Pokémon fainting is lesser. So yeah, I grind my Pokémon.

    As for EV training, I don't do it that much; mostly in post-story game, I do that. If I were to EV train all the time, I might not even proceed to the next town/city/route. So, just to save time, I just catch Pokémon that has a good nature and probably a good characteristic, then I'll do the EV training to it once I'm done with the game and its events after the story. That's how I was able to finish the story of White within 4 days.

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