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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
We still don't know if those are in the game or if they were just for show.

I would say Tympole, Plapitoad, Seismitoad, Golett, Golurk, and Eevee are all in the game due to the statue from the preview, though that also isn't guaranteed as we had Pikachu Statues in Nimbasa.
If they were just for show, I have to say they selected a pretty nice group of Pokémon of which I wouldn't mind seeing available early in the games. Although, why not just stick to Pokémon more basic and popular amongst the fan base such as Pikachu (which they showed) or Lucario rather than select such an obscure group of Pokémon?

Given the reveal of Sylveon, I would say it's practically guaranteed that at least a number of Pokémon from previous generations are going to show up, some of which may even have new stages of evolution. So while we're still waiting for confirmation on the Pokémon they've shown, I'm kind of leaning more towards them being included rather than being used as substitutes.

Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
I know this topic has been done to death and I know you've all heard it, but I'll write it anyway. I really want Gyarados to return, and If it does - change it to a FREAKING water/dragon type like it is supposed to be!
Personally, I have always HATED the water/flying type. Adding flying properties to water types sure did give them an immunity to ground and neutrality to grass, except now it has a 4x weakness to electricity and is now weak against the most annoying attack in the metagame - stealth rock. You know what? I wouldn't find Gyarados' typing that bad if IT ACTUALLY LEARNT ANY FREAKING FLYING MOVES! Giving Gyarados a STAB boost for moves that it doesn't even have is one thing I hated.

The thing I hated most about Gyarados' typing is that in gen 1 it was originally going to be a water/dragon. But since this typing makes it only weak to dragon, and the only offensive dragon move was dragon rage and twister (I think), GameFreak decided to change it's typing so it wasn't overpowered.
But in the later gens they added more powerful dragon moves (such as dragon pulse an outrage), but GameFreak still left Gyarados as a water/flying. WHY!!!!!!!!

With all honesty, I would even prefer Gyarados to be a mono - water type, if of course it doesn't become a water/dragon in gen 6.
There's a chance, should the Pokémon shown in the trailer be included in X and Y, that Magikarp may be available and there Gyarados as well. However, let's keep the topic on which Pokémon we want to see return. Discussing change of type and going into such depth is a different topic all on its own.
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