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    SouthWest Path: Camp

    Jev started moaning as Amber kept jumping onto his stomach, getting up and feeling a little dazed from the fruits he consumed, he lifted up his head a little as he started burping with each hop across his stomach. "Ooof...What -Oow- the..." Jex hopped up a little, forcing amber to get off his belly. "StOp thAt it hurts.... uuugh." He trots towards the muddle fruit tree, his head pounding of a hangover as Irek chuckles. "He's gonna need more sleep."

    Shadoan nodded towards Ki and smiled a little. "That would be appreciated, thanks." Shadoan walks over to his sleeping bag and gets in as he looks at Avaith, sighing a little, he walks back, picking up his fire spitter and carrying him over to sleep with him. He hugged him a little close and smiled a little. "I'm here for you brother." Avaith looked up at his trainer and smiled a little as Shadoan got into the sleeping bag and Avaith joined him, letting his head sit outside the mouth of the bag. Irek however still remained awake and walked towards Ki. "I'll join you... I'm a little of a night owl myself. Get some rest Kiba." He replied as he Irek put the fire out to keep it from attracting fire pokemon amongst others. Sitting down on the ground, he helped keep watch.

    Light and Stella closed their eyes for sleep as Ulla returns. "I'm back from scouting the area." Irek nods. "Whats going on around us?" "There seems to be a lot of pokemon fighting further up, a bunch of fire types and psychic types." Ireks eyes widen a little as he looks around for a letter he received earlier and checks it. "Fire and Psychic?... A turf war?" Ulla tilted her head and asked. "Turf war? You mean pokemon battling for control of territory, right?" "Yeah, but very brutal, without rest or time to reclaim composure... Their war should end by afternoon tomorrow, hopefully Jack hasn't run into it yet... Get some rest with the others, Me and Ki have watch." Ulla nods and flaps over to earn her rest.

    Field of the Fallen

    The fight raged on, with the psybeam blasted a charzard away and a typhlosion getting confused while striking its own comrade, half of the fire types turn their attention to charlie and begin gunning for him. Charmelons leading into the battle, rushing toward the ego tistacal psychic type, retailiating with fire blasts and over heat. As they pushed their focus towards him, the rest of the psychic pokemon started making progress in pushing the fire types out with ease. The stones eminating energies, empowering Charlie and Alpha to push forward.

    M.Grove: Mill
    Stepping inside, the place looks abandoned. There is a hay bed and a stone grinder for grinding wheat, disengaged from the waterwheel. Over in the corner looked to be a stone oven with wood already inside for lighting it. The bulding looked incredibly sturdy and safe to spend the night from the wilds outside.

    Day of Survival: Day 6

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