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There's nothing exactly to strictly indicate that it's Dragon. It does share some similarities(VERY vague ones) with Cobalion at most, which led a small part of me to believe that it was somehow part fighting(especially seeing the sword-like legs, but that could be just for style), but eh. I mean, I guess it would seemingly work as far as typing goes, what with Xerneas being Fighting and Yveltal being Dark, so if we count secondary types...

Xerneas theoretically -COULD- be Fighting/Grass, and Yveltal could be Dark/Flying, so they're both equal to each other. Fighting is super effective against dark, not effective against flying, whilst Flying is 4x supereffective to Xerneas.

Fighting/Grass is a horrible type combination competitively but it might make sense if these legendaries are on equal ground. That is, if they aren't a Groudon/Kyogre and one has a massive advantage over the other, anyway. In which case, Yveltal could have that specific advantage...

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