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Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
Although it could have some decent utility, with that frail of defenses it's not going to survive long, even with that astronomical HP stat. Anything super-effective is either going to KO it or knock it down at least to half HP, so it's almost a waste =/ It'd be cool for grinding purposes, but outside of that I wouldn't see something like this having value or even being implemented.
I know this pokemon is very frail, I didn't want this pokemon to be used in actual battle, I simply wanted a pokemon that would make level-grinding so much easier. My idea was to basically make a giant blob of exp so you could level up your good pokemon much faster.

On the other hand, maybe this pokemon could get a kickass evolution - a super defensive one.
Hooray! Statistics time!

Hp: 290 Ability: Magic Guard
Atk: 10
Def: 135
SpAtk: 10
SpDef: 140
Spd: 5

Base stat total: 590
Looking at it's stats, it's pretty obvious that this pokemon can wall any attack, at the cost of being pathetic offensively. My plan is to make the ultimate annoying pokemon, and if this pokemon has magic guard, then say bye-bye to toxic and will-o-wisp. Have it learn toxic, thunder wave, recover, and your choice of entry hazards (preferably stealth rock - if it can learn it). There you have it, the ultimate annoyer.
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