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    This is my kind of thread title.

    Personal Challenge: Project Perfect Pokemon update!
    Well, I finally caught back up to where I should have been a week ago if my game didn't delete itself 16 pokemon away from getting the Johto starters in Emerald. Got them all now. In Sapphire, I now have all but 35 families of Pokemon. Here's the breakdown of locations for me to catch them:

    Emerald: 2-5/7 to catch.
    Sudowoodo and Smeargle caught around Battle Frontier. Those are the only ones I can catch without cheats. Lugia and Ho-oh can be caught on Navel Rock, and Deoxys can be caught on Birth Island when I hack in the tickets/warps to the locations. Celebi and Jirachi are actually unobtainable, and so I'm going to need to just hack them into the wild and catch them (which will be the last thing I do in the games).

    LeafGreen: 1-14/15 to catch.
    Magmar is the only one that I still HAVE to catch in LG, so I'll include all the ones that I can get in either FR or LG. Togepi is only obtainable if I have a max happiness Pokemon, which I surprisingly don't yet. Suicune will be found roaming Kanto since I started with Charmander. I surprisingly don't have a Spearow/Fearow yet. Chansey, Kangaskhan, and Tauros are in the Safari Zone. Mr. Mime and Jynx are trades that I have yet to bother doing. There is still one sleeping Snorlax in my LG. I haven't started catching any of the three legendary birds or Mewtwo, which puts me at 14 families. I'll include Mew (Faraway Island) here too, which takes hacking to get to his location.

    FireRed: 13 left to catch on 2 files.
    Which just leaves FireRed, which I haven't started playing yet. I still need both Bulbasaur and Squirtle, and therefore Entei and Raikou, respectively. Arbok, Growlithe, Cloyster, Murkrow, Quilfish, Delibird, and Electabuzz will be found throughout the game. I'll get a Scyther from the Game Corner, to make my life a little easier. Which just leaves a Kabuto for me to grab in Mt. Moon!

    After that (I can probably do both Emerald and LeafGreen in one stream, FireRed will take 3 or 4) I'll just need to do some evolving and breeding, and I'll have the National Pokedex completed on an additional 3 games! Other than that, I just need to beat the battle tower in Sapphire, the battle frontier in Emerald (no laughing matter) and master rank contests in both of them (I've already gotten started with Sapphire) and I'll be 100% done with 3 more games!

    My goal is to have 8 out of 25 of the games (Blue, Silver, Stadium, Stadium2, Trading Card Game, Sapphire, Emerald, and LeafGreen) completely beaten before summer break. Right now, technically I only have one of those done (Blue), but I'm pretty close on a most of them (all of them but Silver and Stadium2). This summer I'll get a capture card (or before, at this rate I'll be done in like another month lol), and a friend and I are going to power through Pokemon Rumble to perfection. When he's not here I can also hit up some Colosseum (and XD because I have money and can go buy it, jobs are great). After that, I'll be rapidly approaching the hellish halfway point of my challenge, where all the games I have left are near impossible to perfect (Trozei, Pinball, Mystery Dungeon series, Ranger series, etc.)

    Hope this wasn't tl;dr for you guys, I feel like I typed for an hour lol. What do you guys think?
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