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    I had no choice, Shadow and Torrent would have to fend off whoever attacked the other lakes, I headed for Spear Pillar, upon arriving I saw Giratina and Ghetsis, Ghetsis arms were raised to Giratina who was looking down upon him with a menacing glare. Ghetsis turned to face me and maniacally laughed, I noticed something around his neck, the Grevious Orb! "Ghetsis what have you done?!" I yelled. Shockingly Ghetsis had connected Giratina to himself and they spoke as one, he said "The time has come, in a short amount of time my colleagues will arrive with news of the captured Azelf and Mespirit"

    As he finished Maxie and Archie came from behind two pillars. Maxie called out "You child, I've had it with you messing around with us I will take over time and undo what has been done" Archie smirked and then yelled "... and I! Archie! Will command over Space and distort to my pleasure!" they both laughed and then grabbed the one pokeball they each had.

    "Not this time, Flygon! use Dragon Pulse!" Flygon shot a blast at Maxie and Archie but something happened. Time had stopped Ghetsis, Maxie, Archie, Giratina and I were unaffected but Flygon was stuck. "No this is the time we win..." Ghetsis murmured as Giratina used Shadow Ball and destroyed the Dragon Pulse to hit Archie and Maxie. Time then started again, something had happened to Azelf obviously otherwise time would not be becoming distorted. Suddenly a Force Field originating from Giratina surrounded Ghetsis, Maxie and Archie.

    I took a few steps back and Saw Darkrai and Deoxys had teleported here, Deoxys spoke to me telepathically "Run Omega we cannot hold them for long, find Torrent and Mespirit there may be some hope left" I hopped on Flygon and flew towards Twinleaf, I saw a Skarmory with a trainer on it, I flew down to him he seemed suspicious I chased him he had something...

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