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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

Guess Kiyoko still didn't trust Kilik that much. Is he getting that from Valorie? He didn't like Kiyoko's tone. He's just a kid Pokemon though, so Kilik couldn't blame him. If Kilik wanted his questions answered, it was now or never, regardless if everyone else will hear him.

Kilik lowered his arms, seeing as Kiyoko won't hop into his arms. Well, better ask those questions now. "Kiyoko," he began, "can you tell me what you know about the R men?" Tentou, still above Kilik's head, suddenly stopped playing with Kilik's hair. It seems he was curious about what Kilik had just asked. He looked down on Kiyoko, fascinated by his unique color. Isn't Tentou blue, too?

"I'm curious about them. Ever since I've first heard about them, & when Valorie was attacked by one of them, my suspicions about them have been growing. I need to know...if they've returned." Will Kiyoko answer. Fire was burning in Kilik's eyes, burning with passion. He has to know. He needs to know...

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