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I'm confident there'll be a new professor named after a tree again. :P

It's a continuous pattern so I wouldn't be surprised if it returns. As for the professor, I'm going to take a guess they'd be female seeing there's been so many male professors already. Personality wise, I'd say she is cheerful yet a bit serious and maybe wears glasses and the sleek, white lab coat? I sort of picture her like that in my head along with red, square glasses. As for her name maybe Professor Willow? It sounds fitting enough.

As for her research, I'm going to say she is like the rest of the professors. She aims to seek all of the new Pokemon in this region but she also sounds like a nature lover too perhaps. Maybe she'd have an extensive knowledge on things like berries, their usages etc.? And I'd also like the professor to get involved more within the story rather than popping up once or twice.
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