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    Indeed. Cards are worth generally more value when they are allowed to be played in tournaments. Once they are out-rotated they generally lose their standard price.
    When cards are first released and people are trying to acquire them during Pre-releases they can be worth more or less than the standard price until the meta game sorts itself out. For example some people may want to be the first to acquire a play set of full art Colress so they'll be valued higher than normal during a Pre-release. Some cards may be valued less due to 'lack of foresight.' This can happen due to a card that people wouldn't feel would see play and then it turns out to be really good, so the price increases and then standards out. Prices of cards are usually about supply and demand. If a card is very rare and everyone wants it, then it's price will naturally reflect that on the secondary market (eBay) and traders alike.
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