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    Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
    i accidentally got rid of my thunderstone before i talked to L.T surge and now i cant do anything because he is one shotting all my Pokemon
    Here is the strategy I followed:
    1) Get a Butterfree and level up it untill the 25 (the Hidden Village is a good place to do it since when your Butterfree learns "Gust" )

    2) Get a Pidgeotto and level it up untill the 25 (Hidden Village is once again a good choice for the training of a Flying type)

    3) Level up Bulbasaur untill the 25 (via vs Seeker on the Cerulean's bridge)

    4) set Butterfree as your first Pokemon and suddenly use "PoisonPowder" on Raichu (your Butterfree should be faster at this moment than him) and wait that the Bug faints

    5) Send out Bulbasaur and suddenly use "Leech seed" because this attack will continue to work even after that Bulbasaur will faint

    6) Send out Pidgeotto and use QuickAttack as a loop

    Originally Posted by Strikes View Post
    Perhaps. However, if it wants to be 100% accurate to the anime then it should not allow us to screw with any part of the flow, aside from capturing wild pokemon. If you are going to add some freedom to stray a bit from the anime then it should go one step further and not roadblock us into a loss when we defeat certain opponents that Ash lost to. It breaks the pacing of the story to read Brockk ranting about his victory when you just finished one shotting his Onix with Butterfree.
    Think about it; if the game didn't make you lost the first time against Brock you wouldn't have done the event of the Electric Ball and so Brock's father wouldn't re-join his family in order to allows to his son to start his journey; therefore you wouldn't respect the anime story-line. Same thing against Sabrina, if you didn't lost the first time, you wouldn't go to Lavender and do the Poke Tower's event
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