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Team Multitype


Hello Everyone. I am Aryan. I actually joined PC to download rom hacks and I eventually got the idea to make a rom hack myself. This is my first hack(actually second because my first hack got cancelled) called "Pokemon: The Legends of Arceus". As the name states, the hack's mascot will be Arceus. This hack will be made on JPAN's hack engine so all the scripts will be cleaned. I want people to join this team so that we can make the best hack ever. I want people to enjoy playing this hack and this hack becomes a very enjoyable hack. Hacking is just fun and I want this fun to be created into a big achievement. This hack will be very much related to Arceus and how Arceus controls the region. I am good at spriting and basic at scripting and mapping.

Current Project:

Pokemon: The Legends of Arceus ( Fire Red Hack)


You are a 12 year old boy/girl who lives in the Hunder region. You always wanted to start your journey as a trainer and you got a chance to do it when you turned 12. But you learn from Prof. Arch that there is a team called Team Dark Shadow who wants to capture the whole region. He also tells you that people says that you can bring peace in the region by getting to Arceus. Many people have tried before but none of them ever returned. So you have the goal to defeat Team Dark Shadow and reach Arceus.


An entire New Region
A new Story
New Sprites
New Scripts
New Maps
New Tiles
Pokemon from 4th and 5th Gen
Physical/Special Split
Day and Night System
New Gym Leaders and Elite-4
New Hero and Heroine
Team Dark Shadow

Help Wanted:

Tile Editor/Inserter
Title Screen Editor
ASM Hacker
OW Spriter
Trainer Spriter
Banner Maker
Alpha/Beta Tester
General Helper

Any other suggestions will be appreciated

What each of these persons will do:

Scripter: You have to create a lot of script because of all the scripts removed. You also have to create a lot of events. Also read that this is not a simple Talking script.

Mapper: You have to map the whole region as well as create the World Map.

Storyliner: You have to create the story which will be developed in game by the Scripters. Also you have to be creative and have a lot of ideas in your mind.

Title Editor: You have to edit the Title Screen as well as the Boot Screen(not neccesary).

ASM Hacker: As this will be a complete new hack/game, we will want to have some new features in it that can be only done by the use of ASM. So basically you will need to know about creating and inserting ASM routines.

OW Spriter: You will have to create all the New OWs that will be in the game.

Trainer Spriter: You will have to create all the New Trainers that will be in the games.

Banner Maker: We will need to have Banners so people can easily go to out thread and support us. So basically you will have to make some Banners for the hack.

Alpha/Beta Tester: When the hack is completed upto some point, you will have to test that this game is working right or not, listing all the bugs, capturing Screenies from various places and if possible, making a Video of gameplay.

General Helper: You are the advisor if our team along with me. Also if any general problem occurs in making a hack, you will have to advice what we can do on it. Basically, you need to have a small amount of knowledge about all the sectors of Hacking(Scripting,Mapping etc.).

Team Members:

Aryan143: Spriter,Basic Scripter and Mapper,General Helper.
JNathan: Storyliner
ganesha: Mapper,banner maker,alpha/beta tester,storyline maker
stormer247: Storyliner,Mapper
blaziken157: Storyliner,Beta Tester
Maxzeroedge: Scripter,Tile Inserter
cheeseguy12: Beta Tester
SCPadgeebar: Banner Maker
ItzCharizard: General Helper
thizzman: Scripter,Title Screen Editor
Lavamon: Spriter,Scripter,Mapper
Japanda8190: Tiler

Application Form:

Applying As:
Proof(Not Needed but will be appreciated):
Contact Info(I prefer PMs):
Check out my gaming company: