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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
I BEAT HE GAME! The last boss is such a pain.

After trying over and over, luck was in my favor. Sumia with a brave Lance did 4 damage 3 times. Pavise activated every time she attacked. Chrom was her partner and attacked twice for 25 damage. He was left with 12 HP. Avatar Killed him with a forged arcwind. Forged for hit chance, because the boss is so hard to hit.
Ah, Fire Emblem Awakening was an amazing game, although I had a strategy that made the last boss easy for me.

I realized that both of my defenses on the sides were weakening,so I put Chrom and the Avatar together, then used Olvia's dance move to give them another turn and killed the final boss. They were both my strongest units, and I hoarded all of the stat boosting items for myself, so the final battle for me ended in 3 turns.

The DLC is nice for training for EXP. I used it to build relationships so I could have everyone married before the end of the game. I found the "The Golden Gaffe" easy to train with, because the enemies simply run away and only attack if you attack them, that way you don't have to worry about your character getting killed.