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Adrian Frode

The axe-wielding Harbinger facing Adrian swung his weapon for the unarmed Reaper's head, Adrian though, had anticipated this and leapt up and using the flat of the axe as a spring bored he did a colossal back flip, landing by the pole he had noticed, the Harbinger chasing after him. Adrian grabbed the thin pole as his hulking opponent sped towards noticing the bad position Nox was in, he only had a split second to choose what he was going to do
"he owes me for this" said Adrian to nobody in particular as he hurled the improvised weapon across the room like a spear whilst dodging a swing from the axe. He was fairly accurate but, assuming it hit, it wouldn't incapacitate the Harbinger with the blazing knife for long, he hoped Nox could escape in time.

As he hit the ground and rolled onto his back, smacking his head in the process, he saw the axe descending towards him, kicking forward he hit his enemies injured knee making stumble and miss the shot. Adrian rolled to the side, kicking the weakened Harbingers other leg out from under him and rising to his feet he elbowed the giant in the back of the head bringing him to the ground, before kicking hard at his skull. He heard the loud crack but the man was still going to struggle to his feet. Adrian was about to go for another kick to the head but was distracted by movement he caught in the corner of his eye... coming straight for him.

Adrian dived out the way as the Harbinger he had impaled with his sword, whilst being seriously wounded swung hard at him... with his sword.
"Hey! That's mine!" he yelled as he dodged another slice from the blade this keeps getting better and better he thought to himself.
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