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BiRDiE // ???
Birdie recieved no answer from her companion due to the fact when they stepped over the imaginary line into Violet City, they were met with not the expected traditional style Japanese city of Violet City, boasting popular areas such as Sprout Tower and the Violet City Pokémon gym, but a sudden gush of wind as they stood at the edge of a cliff.

"Whoa!" Birdie stepped back, his feet resting on the grassy cliff and not back on the tiled floor of the passageway. He pushed his glasses up his nose so they didn't blow away (they wouldn't, but it sure felt like it) and quickly scanned the area. Did they go back in time? Wait, Violet City wasn't anywhere near the bay, not as far as Sophie knew. There was a dense forest behind them and the wind up here no longer smelt like smoke, but of sea water. The waves could be heard from below, crashing on the cliff and a beach, as well as a small town could be seen in the distance. Whatever the case, this was definitely not Violet City.

"Where are...?" Birdie's eyes also caught something odd. In the grass, closer towards the edge of the cliff lay a large and curious stone. It wasn't far away and one step was enough to get close enough to touch it, which he did. It was smooth and grey, and when he picked it up and held it firmly in his hands, was not heavy at all. In fact, was it a stone? It felt and was shaped more like... an egg!

"Um... Fara? Do you know where we are?"
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