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    Absol's main unique quality is critical hits: the ability Super Luck and a plethora of high-crit-rate moves. It's an all-or-nothing sort of Pokémon: powerful in attacking and moderately fast, but able to be laid out, in most cases, in a single hit. That and its uncanny ability to predict disaster are its defining traits, and so far your characters' fighting styles seem to be based on their species' defining traits.

    So what does that mean for your character? I'd say her style would be based around luck and mild clairvoyance. Chance glimpses mid-combat of the opponent's next move in her minds' eye would allow her to evade attacks with near-supernatural grace and ease; her actual attacks might not be so effective, but by making effective use of her prediction abilities, perhaps she could gain the breathing space necessary to perform some kind of 'critical hit', which for the purposes of this proposal I'm thinking would be some form of charged attack with far greater power than a normal one. (This also chimes nicely with Razor Wind - which is, by the way, one of the most inexplicable Pokémon moves of all time.) Alternatively, thinking about Absol's array of priority moves, she might utilise her clairvoyance to predict where the opponent will be and strike at its weak point before it can even move (which would also fit well with the idea of critical hits).

    I don't know if any of that was helpful - or if it even made sense - but I think that's what I'd do, anyway.

    Good luck with your story!


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