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>> AVA
>> The Gates of Dalenham, Eveamoor

"Nice bow there, a little typical don’t you think? An elf with a bow?" Alys made a laugh at her, noticing Avangeline's new purchase. She giggled at her companion in reply, patting her direwolf so he would whine for affection as opposed to softly growl.

"Thank-you! I know very little about shooting arrows, I was wondering if you could perhaps school me at a later date?"

"Hi Puppy Lady! You ready to kick some butt!?"

"I sure am!" Avangeline punched her other first in the air, keeping her other hand preoccupied with patting poor Nem. Cass soon joined the group, as well as Evelynn. When it was confirmed that everybody had arrived, the merchant got to business. He passed out the pay, Avangeline's chinking as it was placed in her hands. She quickly counted the insides by feeling the weight, which, judging by the weight of the bag, felt like 35 silver pieces.

"To each of you, 35 pieces of silver handed out now, and the remaining 35, as well as the 200 surplus, to be given out once my daughter has been returned to me," she nodded as he opened his map and began to explain the mission and when asked, leaned in closer to look. "Here we have our current location at Dalenham. Over here is Curilan. The fort is about four kilometers west of the city. It was once a heralded fortress under the control of the Eveamoorian government, but as the economy declined, many forts like this one were abandoned because of the impracticality of maintaining them."

"How many men are we expecting inside?" Varian asked. Avangeline wouldn't have bothered with the question, confident she could take down an entire army of useless brutes. She listened to the merchant's response anyway.

"About twenty, maybe as many as thirty."

"Anything special about these bandits? Do they have an affiliation or benefactor?"

"To my knowledge, they are simply a group of brigands from around the area. Nothing remotely special about them, as far as I hear. The only problem is their number, and fortification."

"Alright. We’ll get it done."

"Excellent! I cannot thank you enough, Sers," the man seemed pleased that they had said yes. Had he asked others before who had declined? He then passed the map to Varian. "Here. I’ve taken the liberty to mark another area on the map, on the outskirts of Curilan. When the job is complete, proceed to the inn there, known as the ‘Strutting Stag’. I will be awaiting your arrival with the remainder of the payment, in full. Good luck, and may the Nine watch over you."

With a bow and and a stumble over to his horse, the man left them to the mission. Avangeline waved the man off, beaming at him as he rode far enough away that Avangeline couldn't be bothered focusing on him. What a wonder! Such great payment for a task that could arguably said was easier than yesterday's! Avangeline clapped her hands together excitedly. Varian spoke first though.

"Seems fairly straightforward. We go in, clear out the fort, and rescue the daughter of the fat one. Before we move out though, I’ve got a few words to say, since this will be our first job as a group. The Sabamin orcs don’t count. We operated separately, and I was mostly intent on see if you could handle yourself. Now, we are a team. I care not what opinions you reserve for each other, nor do I care of your opinions of me. I care not what you fight for, be it gold, gods, guidance, or glory. Nor do I care where you hail from. When we carry out a job, we will watch each other’s backs, and we will work together. We won’t charge ahead shouting of foolish pursuits of glory and honor, especially if it were to endanger one of the others in the team. Likewise we won’t do stupid, reckless stunts unless it is necessary. The job is the most important thing, followed by the team. Everything else is trivial. Should you work together and follow my lead, everything will go smoothly. If not, you can tell your gods I said hello.

"If you’ve got any inquiries, now is the time. If not, we’ll be off. There’s work to be done."

"Wait... so... where are we going?" Xeye was first to ask. What a silly girl. Though it was fun to be silly, one should always be informed! Even Avangeline remembered that it was a fort in Curilan. "Okay, let's go! Who cares! Let's do this! Aaaaaaadventure time! Yaaaaaay!"

"I have no questions," Avangeline raised a hand, a bright smile across her face. "I am very much ready to save this man's daughter from these awful men. The princess from her tower. Plus, I get to try my bow and arrow! This is going to be fun!"
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