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    > Don't loot the pokemart, it is a respectable buisness that should be left alone. On the other hand, I'm sure if you continue on to the next town you could easily loot some houses.
    > Against my better judgement, because hints from the Narrator usually get Othodox's butt kicked or nerves fried but let's search and loot the Pokemart but keep your knife ready in case a group of Eldritch Creatures have made their nest there.
    > Look through the glass window of the mart to see what is inside before entering.

    (2 to 1; Othodox will enter.)

    The Narrator has no idea what you're talking about. He is the model of impartial storytelling.

    You peep through the window of the Poké Mart, but it's hard to see anything in the growing darkness, especially when your Spooky Flaming Torch is reflecting so brightly off the glass. Squinting through the green flashes, you can just about make out a thick mass of cobwebs choking the upper part of the window, and beyond that darkness.

    You wonder whether the cobwebs are from regular spiders or Eldritch Spinarak.

    Christ, you wish you hadn't thought of Eldritch Spinarak. Especially since they'd be waking up around about now, if the rising moon is anything to go by.

    You put the torch in your left hand and the knife in your right, the better for slashing and stabbing at any horrific beasties that may be lurking, and enter the Mart.

    It is entirely silent in here; the dust and cobwebs lie thick over everything, muffling your footsteps, and you have to be careful with the Spooky Flaming Torch so as not to set any of the trailing lines of silk on fire. In the fitful green glow, you see the counter, shelves, racks – everything just as it was before, only now invading time has run its course: the plaster cracks on the walls, in some places falling away in great chunks, and the floor is littered with broken or rotten goods. Water has come in through the roof, and collected in a silent puddle in one corner.

    Why is this place so different, you wonder, staring around in some bewilderment. Why is it that everywhere else looks like it was only abandoned five minutes ago, and this place looks like it's been empty for years?

    You search the place briefly, and find a single Potion that seems to have survived unscathed. Opening the cap, though, you sniff and recoil hurriedly; it smells like it went off about eighteen months ago.

    Othodox found one Decayed Potion! Othodox put the Decayed Potion in the Poisons Pocket.

    As you put it into your Bag for possible future use, your eye is drawn to the shadows the torch casts on the wall. They're not like any you've seen before; they dance and shiver like living beings, forming strange faces and eldritch designs for brief instants before uncurling and melting into other shapes. It's horrible, but you can't help but stare; there's something mesmerising about the light cast by those unnatural flames, about those curls and twists, that holds your eyes captive. Especially those four thick curves at the top, unfolding and spreading like the fingers of a huge hand, reaching out silently from unimaginable voids...

    A sudden irrational fear of the hand grips you, and you spin wildly, staring into the darkness—

    —and see four great clutching claws swinging silently towards you—

    You plunge the Spooky Flaming Torch into the morass of shadow at their heart, and with a skittering wail the creature falls to the floor, twitching desperately as the sinister green fire takes hold. In a second, it morphs from half-glimpsed monster to thrashing tangle of limbs – and the next moment, the scream and the fire have gone, and you are alone once again.

    You stare.

    Did you just...?

    Well. If that isn't a confidence booster, you don't know what is.

    The Eldritch Spinarak – for such you assume it is – seems to have retained its weakness to Fire-type moves even after its transformation, and the Eldritch Cyndaquil's fire is definitely some of the most potent you've ever encountered. The monstrous spider has been completely destroyed; all that remains is a small pile of ashes and a vaguely-spider-shaped heap of webbing that you assume it shrouded itself in for reasons unknown.

    You spend a short amount of time giving thanks to Tabiti for the Gift of Fire, and a considerably longer amount of time dancing and whooping victoriously, punctuated with the occasional brazen insult hurled at the Spinarak's corpse.

    Othodox's Devotion has improved!

    Othodox is now Favoured by Tabiti!

    Hmm. The webbing isn't even scorched, and it seems to have contained the blaze. It might be useful to take some of that along with you. You can't seem to cut any of it loose from the surrounding shelves – it's tougher than your Dangerous Makeshift Knife – but you can fold up the stuff that was on the Spinarak and take it with you.

    Othodox found some Adamantine Spider Silk! Othodox put the Adamantine Spider Silk in the Epic-Tier Loot Pocket.

    Oh, you really like the sound of that Pocket. Hopefully you'll find some more stuff to put in there at some point.

    It isn't all good news, however. Swatting the monster seems to have inflicted considerable structural damage on the Spooky Flaming Torch: a large piece has broken off the end, and the remaining length of wood won't take so long to burn out.

    Spooky Flaming Torch is 31% burned out.

    You continue investigating the strangely ruined Mart for a few minutes longer, but find nothing more than an unidentifiable shrivelled black thing stuck to the web in one corner. It's roughly circular, with four strange, blunt prongs sticking out of one side. Little purplish stains are visible here and there on its withered surface. You're not entirely sure whether this was ever a living thing, or whether it was made out of leather. Perhaps it was once a shoe or a handbag, and time and Spinarak blood have reduced it to this.

    Othodox found one Weird Shrivelled Thing! Othodox put the Weird Shrivelled Thing in the Key Items Pocket.

    You walk out of the Mart again, onto Cherrygrove's main street.

    To the north are the houses.

    To the south is the Pokémon Mart.

    To the east is the sea.

    To the west is the Pokémon Centre and the entrance to Route 29.

    Spooky Flaming Torch is 32% burned out.

    Night has fallen. It is dark.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.