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    What the actual Pluck? The damned Rhyperior turned into an egg! "What the hell?" Xavier was stunned for a moment. Then reality hit him. "Come on guys! They'll be back!" He leapt up and returned all of his pokemon. He scrambled from the hole and began running into the forest. The Bulbasaur's evolution site couldn't be far from here. Xavier decided that he would catch one when he got there. His team needed a Grass type.

    The Beedrills could be heard far behind. They were coming. "Damn it. I'm screwed." The thought came to him over and over. The trees were flying by. He was goin' fast, but he was getting tired. He would have to stop and rest soon, preferably with no Beedrill coming up behind him. That wasn't an option though. "Damn!" Fear wasn't his emotion. anger was. The Beedrills were coming.
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