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    Originally Posted by Fonzy95 View Post
    Think about it; if the game didn't make you lost the first time against Brock you wouldn't have done the event of the Electric Ball and so Brock's father wouldn't re-join his family in order to allows to his son to start his journey; therefore you wouldn't respect the anime story-line. Same thing against Sabrina, if you didn't lost the first time, you wouldn't go to Lavender and do the Poke Tower's event
    There are other ways to do it. Such as making Onix a really high level for example.

    And how would you like to do that?
    Give Takeshi level 100 Onix so you simply couldn't beat it?
    That's kinda over the top, don't you think?
    I think my reply to Fronzy answers your question .
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