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    Van the vulpix
    Esper Brown
    Sir Quincy Marley
    And the weirdos keep on coming.

    "Hey, EDDY, don't take the lord's name in vain you punk! And call me that again and I'll set you on fire." Van said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes, but these two were very dangerous. She was thinking... Why would the girl be confused about being on a boat? There was only one way on and off, duh! Seriously, what was with these people? Morons all of them.

    "I still see you."

    "I told you to get out of my head before I set yours on fire!"


    "DAMN IT CAT!"

    And then there was this. Her cover had been blown. She sighed and walked over to Zoran, intent on having some form of disguise. Maybe the big red haired idiot would think that she was with this girl and not a wild pokemon if she justkept her mouth shut. He was an enemy, he was not to be trusted at all.

    "Oh hey, you ok?" Quin said as he The hair on the back of his neck was standing on end. This may not end well. Esper purred softly, a knowing look on his face, though Quin was oblivious.
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