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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Sorry, Elendil, I know you just posted a discussion topic, but makes me sad. Sad and scared.

The reason it scares me is because this is not the first developer to say this, I've been seeing this logic as a trend among Western developers recently. It'd be fine if they wanted to simply integrate the "Online" or "Connected" Single Player, but removing offline Single Player as an option overall omits a lot of story options for future games.

Then again, it seems that a lot of non-indie Western titles haven't been focusing on Story lately, either. It's all about multiplayer nowadays, and it's a little sad that you have to look almost strictly to the East and at indie titles to find a game with an immersive story and/or engaging Single Player mode.
Ah don't worry, saw that after I posted and I wasn't bothered with deleting my post and putting it up with this. But yeah, its scary really, but not far from the truth. Single Player games with online aspects will be more common, but not in the way Yelti is saying, far from it. Miiverse is likely as far as we're going to get, with single player games having optional player interactivity that can be played offline all we want. This speculation however is suggesting the games each become their own Miiverse, with the gameplay being a secondary feature. Stuff like this is worrying, because single player is too important for the industry to just drop. Imagine having a single player game, and not being able to play it cause the servers are down, or losing the immersion that they are supposed to give you. At best I see this as random babbling coming from Yelti because Crysis can't be bothered anymore to offer a proper Single Player mode, let alone a multiplayer.

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