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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Whilst the questions were really fun for people who'd known their partner for ages and had prolonged meaningful contact with them to get to the level of answering these kinds of questions, I can't help but feel they were a bit harsh on those people that had only just met in the Matchmaker thread. XD That's why I reckon two rounds, a general round & a 'specialised' round, would be better for next year. It'd be fairer for everyone and I think it'd be a better test of how well you really know them.
Well, to be fair, a few of those 'crazy questions' were just 'yes or no' questions, or just, "one thing or another", so, your chances were abouuut 50-50? XD But yes, two rounds, or two groups of questions can be better!

Hm, did anyone have anything in mind for the actual questions to ask?

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