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    Originally Posted by kinataki View Post
    Skills(Mostly looking for Scripters, Mappers, Inserters): you know me , Spriter, mapper, texter, storyline writer, overworld editor, trainer sprite editor, you name it.
    Proof of Work(I need to know how good you are at the specific area of which you're applying for): You know them
    Availability(I know everyone has a life, trust me. However, I need active members on the team at least 3 or 4 times a week.): 10 hours a week.
    Are you D.C.I.D.T.(Devoted, Consistent, Interested, Determined, a Team player): i really don't know if i am. but i guess i am.
    Welcome to the team! Although, you kinda already was in a way lol. You and Aryan143 will both be doing the Pokemon spriting. I'll still request in the shops so each of you can have more work added to your collections. I'll be requesting soon, so be ready. ^.^