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    Tasahiro Mishumi: Chapter 1-Part 1: A Meeting of Reapers

    Tasahiro watched his ally emerge from the shadows. "You found anything yet?" A rather brash question.

    "I've been asking various sources. My little birds are searching as we speak." The young samurai had contacts all over the ancient city. "We will have his location in moments. I have agents making their way here at the moment." Mishumi stepped from his corner in the alleyway, brushed his hair from his face, and brought his trench coat up to conceal the two swords at his waist. "All in due time my friend." His voice was soft, much like a whisper. "What about you?" The other Reaper was younger by far, but he seemed wise: Quiet and calm. Not too reckless. A good man to have in a fight. "I could say the same as you, but you ran off." This man needed to learn how to be in a team. Teamwork was essential in their line of work. It was dangerous for a Reaper to be alone. Tasahiro wasn't exactly a "team man," but he knew the bonus of being a part of a team. "Remember that, kid." He felt elder the since he was over a thousand years older than Kalet.
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