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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Mountain Region

    Chapter One: Part Six
    A Valiant Return

    Kiba yawned and stretched out his arms. "The first sleep I'll have had in a year... Yes please." He dug into his bag and pulled out a sleeping bag. He had a tent in there, but deemed it unnecessary for the night. He rolled out his sleeping bag and slipped into it rather quickly. As he lied there, he grew quiet. He took off his glasses, and his eyes immediately started to glow once more. However, he just rested there, silent, for few moments. "Shadoan..." He started, though seemed to take a few seconds to continue. "Do you really believe it's me...?" His eyes directed blankly in the direction of Jack, though he was too far to see. That seemed to be bothering him more than anything at the moment.

    Ki went into a somewhat meditative position, with his right leg bending so that his foot rested against the side of his knee. His arms were symmetrically placed, and his eyes closed. However, he poke to Irek anyways. "So... Joining the night watch, huh?" He shrugged "I could handle it on my own if you need rest, otherwise, welcome aboard. It'd be better than watching the camp alone." He seemed perfectly still, even as he spoke.

    Z glanced around as everyone seemed to be settling down. "This is sleep...? How do I sleep?"

    Ki spoke up from over near Irek. "Relax, lie down, close your eyes, and clear your mind. It's sort of like meditation, but your body will take over and help you after a while."

    "Okay, excellent," she replied, "I am very good at meditation, so I can certainly do this." She sat upright and held her legs close, and a semi-visible pink bubble surrounded her. She closed her eyes and began to meditate.

    Amber giggled as the bug complained and simply stumbled off. Irek said something bout him as he left, so she decided to head toward Irek next. "What's his name? I bet it's 'trampoline'. Or maybe 'bouncy'! Why is he acting all moody?"

    Mello gave the Mill a glance. A bed and a fire? It seemed a little too good to be true. She leaned against Julia's head slightly, wondering if maybe she was getting the same feeling from it.

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