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The reason I've posted this here is because Pokemon Light Platinum uses all the generations pokemon.

So, I was wondering and I have been for a while now, what pokemon should I have in my last pary slot? I'm playing Light Platinum ( the Ruby hack ) and I have these pokemon:

Piloswine - Lv53 with Oblivious ability
Swampert - Lv44 with Torrent ability
Hydreigon - Lv64 with Levitate ability ( Grinded like 4 hours for it :p )
Typhlosion - Lv46 with Blaze ability
Lucario - Lv46 with Inner Focus ability
+ that last empty slot

These are the pokemon I've been thinking about :
That psychic evolution of Eevee ( don't remember his name )
Drifloon (his evolution which i don't remember his name)
That grass starter from pokemon Pearl / Diamond

I'd appreciate any pokemon you'd reccomend to my team, but most preferably a pokemon you know a trainer with pokemon around my levels can get in the Light Platinum game. ( I'm at the snow city, done nothing there yet. )