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    [ Jasper Reed ]

    Name: Jasper Reed

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male


    Jasper, as quite an active young man, has a lean yet muscular body. Most of it is for convenience, in his line of work you never know when you need to run like hell or hoist one’s self up to high places. He trains his body for the sole purpose of his job. Well, maybe not the sole purpose, he also likes to look good, of course. Jasper’s on the tall side of the spectrum, measuring an even 1,85 m. Jasper has blonde, curly hair kept relatively long and parted to one side. His eyes are a warm brown

    Jasper has a fondness for long-sleeved Henley shirts, 9 times out of 10 he’ll be wearing one, his closet’s full of them. He always wears the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he feels too constricted when they’re all the way down. On missions, specifically, he’ll wear black one with dark pants and black gloves, so he won’t leave a trace. When absolutely mandatory he’ll pin on a red “R”, but Jasper’s more of a low-profile kind of guy. On his feet he wears sensible combat boots for optimal stealth and comfort and he has a dark sling backpack for any additional needs.

    History: Jasper spent most of his childhood being a normal, if cheeky and energetic, child. His parents, John and Natasha Reed, were both dentists before Natasha became a stay-home mom. He lead an ordinary life. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked Jasper was 13 and their house caught fire. The exactly source of it was unclear, as not enough of the house remained to tell, the only thing for certain was it started in the room of Jasper’s parents, probably the cause was electrical in nature. His parents’ bedroom was on the first floor while Jasper’s was in the attic. When he woke up there was smoke everywhere, the fire making its way up to his attic. He managed to open the window to the roof and climb out, carefully using the gutter to get to the adjacent house. The firemen rescued him, but it was too late for his parents, effectively making Jasper an orphan.

    He didn’t have any next of kin that could (or was willing to) take him in, and so he went to a foster family. Jasper didn’t take the death of his parents well, what kid would? He was angry, very angry. For a long time the foster family put up with the, the kid did just lose his parents after all. Jasper because troublesome though. He was started acting out, getting into fights at school, mixing with the wrong kinds of kids. He got passed on from foster family to foster family as each time they just couldn’t put up with him anymore. Jasper became increasingly bitter until at age 16 he just had it. He packed his bags, stole some money from the family, and left.

    The money didn’t last very long and he ended up kicked out of the cheap motel he’d been staying in after he couldn’t pay anymore. He spent one night on the street in the cold when a Rocket representative found him and offered him a position in their ranks. Jasper didn’t have to think long on it, he was too stubborn to go back to the foster care system, the Rockets paid, meagerly, mind you, but paid, and with the anger still fresh inside him he really didn’t see much wrong with the option.

    It was one of the older Rocket members that Jasper ended up striking a friendship with. The guy, Johannes, was a scientist, not a grunt, he debriefed Jasper after a mission once and somewhere it just clicked, Johannes became a bit of a father figure to Jasper. Through the years in the ranks Jasper became known for someone who does what he’s told without asking questions. It was through this that Jasper eventually rose to the rank of one of the E8. He knows that he’s too good at following orders to make it to boss-level, and honestly Jasper doesn’t want that either. He’s just happy with the higher pay grade and better missions.

    Personality: Jasper is a very aloof person, outward it seems like he takes nothing seriously, like the world is a joke to him. This is a front carefully maintained by him. He does take his missions seriously, but still keeps that air of nonchalance whenever he’s with other people. The only time he’ll be serious around other people is if he trusts them, which is not something he does easily. So far that’s only with Johannes or his Pokémon. While Jasper is in no waybook-smart, he is practically very clever, he can think outside of the box. Jasper prefers to avoid conflict, instead trying to achieve his goal by stealth and trickery. He’s also not a big fan of (or very good at) Pokémon battling, preferring to handle things himself as opposed to letting a creature do it for him. He’s quite good at fighting and not against using weaponry. To him his Pokémon are partners in crime, not weapons to be used.

    As for emotions, Jasper’s very good at bottling them up, stuffing them in a chest somewhere in the back of his mind, never to be seen again. Jasper does have a conscience, something that’s been cropping up more and more lately. And that really bothers him, even scares him a little bit. Before, whatever terrible things he had to do, when the mission was done it was done. Now he’s getting more and more aware of what he’s doing to other people. It’s like a battle royale in his head and the adversary is winning.

    At the same time Jasper is very bad at not doing anything. If the stretch between missions is long he’ll get very antsy, grabbing at anything to keep him busy. Things on base aren’t always very interesting. He once went through a whole box of gossip magazines he found just to have something to do.

    Jasper’s an excellent liar, it comes with the territory really. He’s an expert are weaving lies just specific enough to be believable but not too specific to be easily forgettable. He’s even quite good at lying to himself, which comes to play with the battle of his conscience. This way he’s very good at infiltration missions. His stealth abilities help too, and the fact that he can readily hold his own in a fight. What works against him is usually himself. If things go too smoothly he gets overconfident and make mistakes. Sometimes big mistakes. Ironically he’s a good man to have when things don’t go according to plan, easily improvising.

    Starter Pokemon: Purrloin

    Starter Name: Makin

    Starter Gender: Female

    Starter Description: Makin is on the small side for a Purrloin. She’s sneaky and stealthy, just like Jasper. In a way they’re perfectly suitable for each other and they work well together. She’s very manipulative, making good use of her charm and fake tear abilities, and is able to slip into the smallest of places. That aside she can be a bit high-maintenance off-mission, very demanding of affection. She does what she wants and maybe, if asked nicely, she’ll do what you wants. Just maybe.


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