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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I didn't partake in this, but I did read it and from what I read, the "romantic pair" part implied that you were gonna get set up with someone to actually date them. And I don't think a lot of people are looking for that. So I think that could either be scrapped or worded better, cause for all I know, it probably wasn't meant to be in the way that I thought, but the way I read it, it sure did sound like it.
    I should've made that clearer. So this is my fault. This was more for people/ pairs to act lovey-dovey with each other. Nothing serious, but almost like a quirky "blind date" sort of pair that would be just for the events AND/OR for longer if people wanted to stay paired.

    LilJz, I agree with you on the activity, but it is also really hard for me to decide who is going to be active and who isn't. At first I was gonna limit it to 100 posts or something.. but then, I wouldn't want to deter newbies if they really want to keep active on PC.. So not too sure how to approach this. Maybe just a disclaimer and at least 50 posts?
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