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What do the anime writers have against Leafeon? That's all I kept thinking about in this episode. All of the other Eeveelutions, Eevee included, got to take part in the mission of the episode except for Leafeon, who was completely absent after his quick introduction. I thought that was a bit unjust. Leafeon in general, however, has hardly had any screen time to itself other than Zoe's Leafeon during the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Poor guy.

Something else that kept ringing in my head was "Oh my gosh, Ash, you've seen these Pokémon on numerous occasions. Why are you still checking your PokéDex!?" I get that it's for the new viewers, but still... Couldn't they have found a more creative way to describe them without making Ash look, well, stupid? :\

Le sigh.

With those two nitpicks out of the way, I generally enjoyed this episode. I liked the rescue aspect of it all and I really liked Virgil's character.

Future episode spoiler below:
It's funny that they mentioned Ash and Virgil battling it out in the league and being rivals, when none of that ever happens. I hope Virgil shows up again though and showcases Sylveon with his current un-evolved Eevee.

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Heard ash's pignite is gonna evolve
That definitely didn't happen.
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