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    Name: Xaiver Hod
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    History ( 1-2 paragraphs): Xaiver was always the child sitting alone at the lunch table. His friends had all gotten Pokemon and left. He was alone. One day he saw one of the bullies at his school teasing a Riolu. It didn't know any moves for self defense yet. Xaiver ran up to the bully and said, "Stop!" The bully stared at Xaiver and started to laugh. The bully punched Xaiver in the nose. Xaiver stumbled back, His nose bleeding. The little Riolu stared up at me. The bully went in for a kick, but the Riolu used Quick Attack and knocked the bully off balance. He ran, and Xaiver ran after him.
    This brought Xaiver and Riolu into the square for my town. Team Plasma was there talking. Xaiver listened to their cries about change, and how Pokemon should be freed. Xaiver thought about the bully. Then he walked up and said, "I want to join your team." The Riolu stared up at him, and jumped onto his shoulder, "Ri! Ri!" From that time on, Xaiver was part of Team Plasma.
    Appearance: Xaiver wears a bright red scarf, and he has a sash which slings around him that Riolu rests on. He has brown eyes, and a green jacket. His hair is brown, sticking out from under his blue baseball cap. He has a big backpack that he keeps his food and supplies in.
    Starter Pokemon: Riolu
    Legendary Pokemon: Kyurem
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