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    Luka Sokolov - Chapter 1-6: Outmatched

    Luka and his opponent were at a standoff. It seemed that hammer-man was not your typical berserk bruiser, and that he was cautious yet confident. Despite his efforts, it looked like Luka had indeed underestimated the harbingers, and it had cost him his left arm. He watched his enemy, waiting for him to make a move or leave an opening, but there was no such luck. The harbinger was skilled, and he guarded himself well. Suddenly the man whistled loudly, and Luka panicked. Was he casting a spell? Was it a signal? Luka didn't want to risk turning away from him and leaving himself open, but that could have been anything. Suddenly there was a snarling noise dangerously close. With no choice, he turned, and saw a trio of vampires rushing at him. Acting fast, he impaled one of them and used it's body as a makeshift shield against the others' attacks. With a spin, he drew out the blade and struck the other two, slashing across their throats. Suddenly he remembered his original foe and turned back, barely seeing the hammer before it crashed down on him. He tried to move so it wouldn't hit it's target, his head this time, and instead took the blow to the left shoulder. Luka screamed in pain as the bones snapped, worsening the condition of the already crippled arm.

    "A sniper has this habit of keeping his focus on one target instead of all around him," he began tauntingly. "You're so used to your safe little perch that you forget the harshness of the battlefield." Now Luka's little spell was useless, since the pain from two hammer strikes was agonizing. There was no hope, he was completely outmatched. The harbinger was walking slowly toward him. He ran. He kept running, but soon ran into a wall. Then he turned and ran more, but was met by the corner. He heard the harbinger burst out laughing. "This is so pathetic it's hilarious." His laugh turned quickly into a scowl. "But more so, it's insulting. They send a weak amateur like you after us? Give us harbingers a little more credit. Not only do we outnumber you, but even our worst warriors are leagues better than the likes of you. We don't know what little tricks you reapers have got up your sleeves though, but it's clear you don't have any, do you?" There was nowhere for Luka to go. The man stopped a few yards away from him, waiting. Moments passed, but they felt like an eternity. Neither side moved.

    "I thought so," he continued. he lifted his hammer and swung for the killing blow. It was over, but not for Luka. At the start of his swing, Luka threw his sword at him. His skill was in his aim, which wasn't only applicable to his bow. His foe had anticipated some sort of attack in desperation, and adjusted his movement to knock the weapon aside. "That's it?" he taunted, before he saw Luka jumping onto him with an arrow in hand. He couldn't pull his weapon back in time, it's momentum exhausted in striking the sword, and so he had no way to counter Luka's next move. He stabbed the arrow into the harbinger's eye and, just like with the other harbinger, took his sword and plunged it through him while he suffered from the arrow. The blade went straight through the man's heart, and the bulky fighter fell.

    Luka stood there, breathing heavily. In a moment, the adrenaline faded and the pain of his arm registered it's full intensity. He dropped his sword and clutched it in pain. He was exhausted and crippled, and if he was forced to fight another harbinger, he would surely die. Luka took a moment to look at how his companions were faring, as he focused on numbing the pain in his arm. Nox had been faced with a pair of what looked like twins, and they fought with perfect synergy. He was in serious trouble until he was saved by Adrian, who found himself against two foes once more as the harbinger he had stabbed recovered to fight again. Luka looked back to his own kill and decided to put an arrow through his other eye for good measure, not wanting to be in a similar situation. He thought about his own fight. He had been scared out of his mind, but looking back he was glad for that. He had managed to look so weak that he was not worth the extra caution, and that was the only reason he emerged victorious. Yeah, definitely the weakest link, he thought, but maybe that's not the worst thing in the world. He soon realized that was still terrible, but decided not to think about that. For now he was just glad to be alive.
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