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"You're not dead. You're not awake, but you're not asleep. You're in Limbo. Limbo is a state of mind in which you are not fully conscious, but you can still control your own cerebral activity, instead of letting it fall prey to dreams."

A voice rang out in Paladin's mind. There was darkness, and nothing but. Paladin could not even see himself; only the endless black around him. He tried to activate his eye lights, but it did not work. He knew it was totally pointless to look around and examine his surroundings, for if he tried to, he would only find more darkness waiting for him. There was nothing to see here. The usual display of colors that one may perceive when their eyes are closed were nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by a pool of shadows. Paladin tried to will himself to awaken, but it was of no use. Had he fallen into a coma, perhaps? Paladin shook the thought from his head; if he were in a coma, he would be imagining his own perfect world right now, and this was far from perfect. "You're not in a coma, Saul. You're in Limbo," the voice came again, louder this time, but softer. Paladin tried to say 'Who are you?' but found that he could not do so. "Don't worry, you don't have to talk. I can read your mind," the voice sang. It now dawned on the Golurk that a psychic had entered his mind. The psychic was probably the one keeping him in Limbo. "You are correct, young one. I just wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you," the voice explained. Paladin was doubtful of the psychic's intentions. He knew that psychics were able to mess up a Pokemon's mind to the point of insanity. "I mean you no harm. I just want to talk to one so...intriguing as yourself," the psychic said again. "I would also like to explain myself. I'm sorry that I caused you to harm yourself in the battle earlier. If it had not been for my meddling, perhaps you would not be lying here now."

Paladin wondered what the Pokemon could be talking about. True, he had injured himself, but that was from fighting Jeb, and letting his inner darkness take him over. Just then, a shape materialized in the darkness. It began as a white light shining out, but then formed into the shape of a green, bird-like creature. It took a moment, but Paladin identified it as a Xatu. "If you will allow me to explain," the Xatu began, its voice still as soft but loud as before. "Jeb was a figment of your imagination. I extracted him from your subconscious and made him into an illusion in everyone's minds." Paladin wanted to clobber the miscreant right then and there, but remembered that he could not move in his own mind. "All the other Pokemon around you were illusions created by me and my colleagues. I'm sorry, Paladin, but we had to test the strength of the Gold Tribe. The entire purpose of this 'test' was to pin point some of the more interesting of you. Paladin, you are one of the most interesting Pokemon here," the Xatu said. 'Why did you have to involve me?' Paladin thought. The Xatu quickly replied, "I was the one who sensed your presence in the underground tunnels. You see, Paladin, your dark side, your hidden memories, and the various complexities surrounding these two attributes of yourself is what catches my attention. You are one of the most complex beings I have met in a long time, so I just had to seize the opportunity and bring you in. You being a member of the Gold Tribe also corresponded with Madman's little test, so we decided to bring you in as well. I'm sorry for getting you involved in this, but I just had to know," he said. 'Wait, so you brought me in here and messed with my mind out of curiosity?!" Paladin thought furiously. The Xatu nodded, ashamed.

'So, what exactly were Jeb and those other Pokemon? Were the just illusions?' Paladin asked, trying to put aside his anger for now. "Yes and no. The Pokemon around you were mostly illusions, that is, the ones who never attacked you or the ones you only saw from the corner of your eye. The ones you fought, however, were illusions made from memories or ideas implanted in your head. Jeb, for example, was an illusion based off and created from your ideal image of yourself, though I just added the accent in for fun," Xatu chuckled lightly. "The Electivire, on the other hand, was an illusion manifested from your fear of Dragon-types from when you were a child. This is why it attacked the Salamence you rescued." This stunned Paladin. How had this Xatu known something about Paladin which he didn't? "Ah, yes, I can see into some of your hidden memories. You know, all you have to do is dig deep enough into your subconscious, and you'll find them," Xatu explained. 'Tell me about my past!' Paladin ordered rather with a rather gruff tone. The Xatu simply shook his head. "You need to find these things out for yourself, Saul. If I tell you everything you need to know, your future will be drastically altered," the Xatu said. 'What do you mean?' Paladin asked. "Nothing. Let's change the subject-" Xatu began, but he was cut off 'What do you mean' Paladin though again, a sharp edge to his voice.

"Fine. As a Xatu, I have the power to see glimpses of the future. I am telling you, your future will soon intertwine with that of many others. If you discover your past now, you'll quit your search for yourself, and never meet these Pokemon, thus creating a whole new chain of events that could lead to the destruction of the Alpha Alliance!" the Xatu explained dramatically. Paladin thought on this for a moment. Was he truly so significant? He wanted to ask the Xatu more, but knew that he would get no answer. Xatu's voice softened and weakened a little when he next spoke, "Now, Paladin, it's time for you to go to sleep. You'll need it. The upcoming battles will be harsh and relentless, and you will face many opponents on the way to realization, but never waver, for eventually, you will reach your final destination,"

"And remember...never doubt your importance."