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    The speculated "bond" system with trainers and pokemon got me to thinking; certain pokemon also have affinities with one another, at least according to the pokedex. But, what if in X&Y, introduced a system on where these affinities were incorporated in the games?

    For example, take a look at pokemon vs pokemon battles. While there are affinities with pokemon and trainer with happiness, and possibly the newly speculated "bond system" in X&Y, what if there was a system on factoring the relationships between certain pokemon? For example, Zangoose and Seviper have been major enemies for many generations, according to the pokedex. Could these new pokemon games develop a system that factors in the relationship between Zangoose and Seviper? Like, say... maybe they would do more damage to one another? Or maybe the system forces Zangoose and Seviper to stay in battle, so their trainers can't switch out until one of them have fainted?

    What about outside of battles? Aside from abilities, when you encounter a wild pokemon, and the pokemon you have at the front of your party has a high affinity for the wild pokemon, the catch rate for the wild pokemon could go up. So, let's take two pokemon with a "high affinity" for an example: Plusle and Minun. If you are trying to catch a wild Minun, and Plusle is at the front of your party, you will have a much higher chance of catching it than if you had, say, a Magikarp at the front.

    So, would you like something like this implemented in these games? Do you have any other thoughts?

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