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Originally Posted by Mr. Whiscash View Post
It looks fine but... I can't really tell what 'it' is. Lol iunno it's pretty cool though.
e: Okay I actually decided to look more and you didn't follow the instructions did you? There seems to be a lot of 'this isn't the right background color and therefor you can infer that the instructions weren't followed' involved here. I love the concept more the more I look at it but I couldn't convert it to a usable state without a gross loss of color information, as follows:

Still, I'd love to see more from you. A friend who I consulted on the subject says that you could do a really good Eldritch Horror theme with this line. This Duskull screams Dark/Bug, and I know I said ease up on the dark types but hear me out. The Lucario line would honestly work very well as a Ground/Psychic line, since Anubis is a benevolent god of death and therefore the dark type wouldn't be all too fitting, since it's basically the 'Evil' type in Japanese. I want to take this Duskull thing to the logical extreme of how horrifying this bug could be.
Sorry about that, didn't quite realize I was making such a mistake. :/ I think its pretty cool too, and honestly I don't know what it is either. So you want the rest of the line to be Dark/Bug? I'll get started later today
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