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    What do you want? - Avatar
    What do you want featured? - Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck, God Tier please.
    Images You'd Like Me to Use? - N/A
    Color(s)? - I don't really have any significant preferences, just use a nice picture XD
    Text? - N/A
    Misc? - Use a high quality pic XD

    What do you want? - Signature
    Dimensions? - About the same size as my current one, maybe a bit bigger?
    What do you want featured? - Kanaya Maryam, God Tier.
    Images You'd Like Me to Use? - Not really, just find something pretty XD
    Color(s)? - Can the background be black, please?
    Text? - Kanaya Maryam - grimAuxiliatrix
    Misc? - The text should be in white. Other than that, a different picture than the avatar with a similar art style i guess?
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