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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Like I said, the GTS requires a server, but normal battles and trades won't require. A lobby server for battles/trades like Pokémon Net/Shoddybattle or, at least, random battles will be nice, but a 24/7 server today isn't easy to found enough to deserves it, so, beside rare cases, no one will use it.

    Isn't hard to copy/paste ip address if you can read text files, so isn't hard to combine a central message board/chat for a game. Maybe I am wrong, but a socket connection is more quick/easy to use.
    I agree with you! The Kit is there to make fan-games so it is unnecessary and pointless if the developer has to use a server. You cant earn money with fan-games so it will be impossible to cover the costs. IMO a socket connection using hamachi or something similar makes much more sense.
    Why? Well for what do you need online features in a pokemon game? To battle and trade right? And how long does a battle take at most? 10 or 20 min? I think for such a short connection between two people there is no need to connect yourself to a server. You guys said yourself that you don't want MMO features but that all people who want to battle or trade online have to connect to one server is an MMO feature as well. Just saying.
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