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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13

    Ryuu saw most of his students entering the classroom, including the yasha girl and the human boy… but where was Solo? Ofcourse he wouldn't listen to Ryuu so he's probably causing troubles somewhere else. As Ryuu wanted to start his explanation about the situation, Eva, the Yasha girl came up to him. She asked him if he was alright in a rather timid tune, what was she being shy about? She dropped a roll of bandage on the table and apologized for not being able to do anything else. "Thank you, Eva, I might look seriously damaged but i'm fine… really." Higoroshi-sensei smiled at the young girl who was being so caring and picked up the roll of bandage. As he walked to the front of the classroom, he was bandaging the hand that had been bleeding.

    "I'm not sure how to say this…" a sigh escaped Ryuu's mouth as his speech started. "We have been attacked in the teachers lounge, and with "we" I mean every teacher in this school excluding the headmaster." Ryuu's expression was serious and maybe a little worried. "That's why tomorrow there won't be classes as the teachers have to recover from this suprise attack." Ryuu made a knot in the bandage and faced his students. "While my condition isn't so worse, the others haven't awaken since the attack, now you might be thinking "Who attacked them?", I will answer that question with a small story." Ryuu sat down behind his desk and saw the girl that scolded him awhile ago. She looked dangerous and strong, but despite of that… she broke the "Don't show your youkai form" rule and that means she has to be punished.

    "Long ago, a group of strong and dangerous Youkai formed an organization, they called theirselves "Fairytale". These Youkai plan on killing every human being on earth and believe Youkai can't coexist with humans." Ryuu faced a few students that got his attention for a few seconds while talking. "They have a major hatred towards humans, and not only do they want to kill all the humans, they want to rule that world and this dimension as well." Ryuu stood up again as he was almost finished.

    "We knew Fairytale would attack this school someday to declare the war but what we didn't knew was that that day would come faster as we thought. Today a Mage from Fairytale kidnapped a teacher in the morning. We found a crow that had the features of that teacher and suspected a shapeshifting technique. As Saito-sensei tried changing him back, it seemed like it was a trick." Ryuu started glaring out of anger. "Instead that the crow changed back into that teacher… it changed into "Oz", Fairytale's strong mage." Ryuu decided his speech was getting too long since the sun started setting.

    "We didn't expect him to blow up our teachers lounge…" Ryuu felt ashamed but figured this wasn't just his fault since the power of that explosion was not normal. "I think Oz left to the graveyard where I saw him running off to this morning, I would like to ask all the students here to go after him. In exchange you will receive your first A grade for Youkai history, since this… is part of the Youkai history." Ryuu grinned at his students and sat down once again. "however… since it's getting late, so… please go back to your dorms, make your homework and gather here tomorrow at 10 am… people who received punishment from me will arrive here at 9.45 am." Ryuu finished and allowed the students to go. Ofcourse he was going to help his students tomorrow.


    Listen to what Higoroshi-sensei has to say.
    Note: Higoroshi-sensei is badly damaged.

    Things you can't do:
    • Attack Oz.
    • Talk to Oz.
    • Make Oz notice you.
    • leave the school grounds.

    Things you must do:
    • Go to your dorm room, interaction before arriving there is allowed.
    • Make your received homework.
    • Slowly end your IC day.

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