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    Oh! Haruhi Suzumiya has joined the community. Well that's a surprise!

    Heh, but anyways, hey Haruhi!

    My name is Student D1, but you can just call as Student, and welcome back to the PokéCommunity!

    Cool! You like to write. I'd like to read one of your stories in the future. I also like to write, mostly with the theme of adventure; however, some of them aren't finished or I have not started yet (as in, it's still an idea), so I cannot show it yet.

    I also enjoy cooking (and eating as well). I remember back then when I was in a culinary club; we did lots of cooking, including baking, and we had to test them out if it's good. Cooking can be messy but it is fun to do, right? I don't exactly have a favorite dish, since whatever dish I eat is certainly delicious on my taste buds.

    And it's okay if your intro isn't that decent. It is much easier to read, so it's all right.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy your stay, and if you want to have a chat, I'm always free! :D

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